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It’s essential to have a sponsorship application ready before you start your search. It will come in handy when you need to seize opportunities quickly. Your application must be well structured, attractive and free of all spelling mistakes. With a well-organized document, you will be showing potential corporate sponsors that you are a professional. It’s an additional tool to help you convince them to hop on board with you.

There are several ways to present your application. I suggest that you choose from this list the documents that best showcase your strengths and qualities (victories, highlights, volunteer work, unique journey or background, etc.).

Click on each one to learn more!


• A customized cover letter white_arrow_down


• A sports calendar for the year white_arrow_down


• A detailed estimate of your expenses white_arrow_down


• A résumé white_arrow_down


• A list of your titles and distinctions white_arrow_down


• A short biography white_arrow_down


• A reference letter white_arrow_down


• A press kit white_arrow_down


Keep in mind that the documents must be attractive: they should make people want to read them! Include plenty of photos and make sure that the layout is well spaced out. Focus on the essential (not too many words!) and avoid repeating information.

Good luck in your search!

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